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Flooring & Remodeling Company in Florida

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This client had a website and a Google Business profile. He was already getting some leads but not nearly as many as he wanted to. Client’s business was based in one of the most competitive cities in Florida so getting leads wasn’t easy of course. Client was really interested in SEO since he wanted to get a steady amount of leads for a long period of time.
Since the client’s business was based in a very competitive city, in order to get the best results for the client’s budget, we had to focus on a more specific area. Through communication with the client, we decided on the suburbs we wanted to focus on during the beginning of our project. This worked out great since their ideal customers were based exactly in these suburbs.

We used the standard Local SEO project approach for this client as well by completing thorough keyword research and optimizing his Google Business Profile at the beginning of the project.

The client’s website was a really important component in the lead generation process since the website had to build trust with potential leads and it had to properly showcase the client’s craftsmanship, otherwise, all of our efforts would be futile. That’s why we decided to build a new website from scratch with these ideas in mind. This whole process lasted a few months.
Soon after the project was completed, the client started to rank higher on Google and his website started to get more leads. Due to our strategy mentioned above, leads through the website were really high in quality and easy to close.

Previously, the client’s business was mostly dependent on lead resellers like Angi, but the new leads from the website were much higher in quality and even though there were fewer leads, he was able to close a ton of jobs and book projects in advance.

The client was extremely happy with the results, he decided to sign up for a monthly SEO plan and kept working with us for years.

Also after approximately one year of working with this client, we also did Google Ads after the client wanted to further expand his business. This helped produce additional leads as well.


Google Business Profile

Client’s business started to quickly rank for relevant search terms which helped him get more calls through Google Business Profile.

200% Increase in Calls

Website Leads

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