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I was only able to add a few projects so far, but I will be adding dozens of other completed projects soon, stay tuned!

Remodeling Company in Northern Idaho

This company was operating within a 10-15 mile radius from their office, they wanted to avoid getting leads from too far away, so focusing on their Google Business Profile was a must. Their local area was booming, a lot of people were moving in and most of them would go straight to Google to find remodeling companies.

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Landscaping & Lawn Care Company in Virginia

The client came to us looking to expand his business. Since the client was looking for a sustainable lead generation system that would bring leads for a long period of time, we focused all of our attention on local SEO. They already had a website but it wasn’t optimized for SEO. Their GMB has also been neglected.

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Flooring & Remodeling Company in Florida

Since the client’s flooring company was based in a very competitive city in Florida, to get the best results for the client’s budget, we had to focus on a more specific area. The client was extremely happy with the results, so he decided to sign up for a monthly SEO plan and kept working with us for years.

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