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This remodeling company was doing well, but their business was completely dependent on referrals. They didn’t really pay attention to marketing in the past and since referrals are not the most reliable way to ensure that business stays busy throughout the year, they decided to invest money to build a stable lead source.
This company was operating in a 10-15 mile radius from their office. They wanted to avoid getting leads from too far away, so focusing on their Google Business Profile was a must. Their local area was booming, a lot of people were moving in and a lot of these people would go straight to Google to find remodeling companies since they didn’t know anybody in the area.

Building a website that lets potential customers know that they are in the right hands was extremely important, otherwise, all of our SEO efforts would be futile. We worked with the owner to get plenty of pictures for the website so that we could make their website more personalized. During the website development process, we also completed a thorough keyword research and planned out the SEO strategy for this project as well, which we fully implemented over the course of the next 3 months.
The client started getting leads before the project was even completed. Even though their area was pretty competitive, this client had an aged Google Business Profile and an old website. Although their old website was innefective when it comes to getting any leads, it had lots of information about their services and locations they wanted to focus on. I have worked with a lot of similar cases and clients that have “something” are far better off than clients that start from scratch. Usually, updates to these projects produce much quicker results.

Even though the client wasn’t getting a ton of leads, after all, nobody in this industry can get a ton of leads, they still received more leads than they could handle. Building a more personalized website definitely paid off, since most of these leads were super easy to close and customers were willing to book projects a long time in advance.

Needless to say, the client was extremely happy with the results!


Google Business Profile

Client’s Google Business Profile immediately started to get more views and they started to get more inquiries through their website.

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